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  • Besuch von Nael Al-Kabariti am 27. April

  • Training Seminar for Senior Representatives of Arab Chambers of Commerce
    03 -07 July 2017, Austria

    15ديسمبر 2016زيارة طلاب الدكتوراه الاندونيسيين

    1ديسمبر 2016: التوقيع على مذكرة تفاهم مع غرفة التجارة العراقية - التركية


    29 نوفمبر 2016المشاركة في المنتدى العربي اليوناني الخامس



    AACC News & Reports 


     15-22 March 2017: Visit of Secretary General in Morocco

    From 15-22 March Secretary General Eng. Mouddar Khouja paid a visit to Morocco to attend the Crans Montana Forum in Dakhla and meet with high-ranking representatives of the Kingdom of Morocco afterwards.

    On 21 March Eng. Khouja held a meeting with Mohamed Nabil Benabdallah, Minister of Housing, Spatial Planning and Urban Policy. There he talked about Vienna having been elected the city with the highest life-quality for the 6th time in a row. Vienna also has big social housing projects and is one of the biggest proprietors worldwide. 





    The quality of the buildings themselves is one of the highest ones in Europe, too.
    The City of Vienna cooperates with Vienna Holding and TINA in order to improve the international collaboration in this area.

    An invitation to the upcoming forum was extended to Minister Nabil Benabdallah. He stressed that during this time there will be major negotiations to establish the new government. His party – the Party of Progress and Socialism – will play a major role in these negotiations .
    He is willing to support the event and would like to take part in it as a minister of the new government under Prime Minister
     Saad Eddine El Othmani.

    On 20 March Secretary General met with Dr. Nazha Al-Wafi, the second President of the Moroccan Parliament.

    VP marokk.Parl

    He held a presentation about AACC as well as about the economic situation in Austria. He emphasized on the trade-volume between Morocco and Austria. Secretary General also invited Dr. Nazha Al-Wafi to the 9th Arab-Austrian Economic Forum to be held in Vienna in October with the intention to have Morocco as special guest-country among others. 

    Dr. Nazha also talked about the economic situation in Morocco and expressed her high interest in a closer cooperation with Austria in the parliamentarian field. 

    Another important meeting was the one with Mr. Mohamed Yatim, Chairman of the Committee of Foreign Affairs and National Defense and Islamic Affairs and MREs.


    Secretary General talked about the role of AACC to strengthen the relations between Austria and the Arab world. Morocco is one of the main trade- partners apart from oil- and gas-exporting countries.
    There are chances for cooperation in the fields of energy, water, agriculture, health care – mainly hospitals and pharmaceutical industry -, e-government, e-passports, machine industry and many more.
    Mr. Yatim expressed his interest in deepening the relations between Austria and Morocco and possible cooperation in the above mentioned fields.
    Mr. Yatim is one of the main negotiators for the upcoming government and will most probably hold a ministry in the near future.

    Secretary General Khouja also met several MP including Jamal Benchekroun Krimi, who explained the parliamentarian Situation and talked about the visit of other Arab MP that took place at the same time. 





    Before meeting with the representatives of the Kingdom of Morocco Secretary General had attended the Crans Montana Forum in Dakhla for the second time.  During this forum the entry of Morocco to the “Union of African States” was declared.


    Eng. Mouddar Khouja, SG of AACC; Eva Anderova, Honorary Consul of the Republic of Zambia to the Czech Republic; Hamane Barouk, Journalist; Usama M. Al-Kendi, Vice-Chairman ICC Kingdom of Saudi-Arabia; Samira H. Sanusi, President of SSSCFoundation; Anis H. Bajrektarevic, Head of Mission Ifimes

    The main topics of the forum were:

    ·         Agriculture & Food Security in Africa

    ·         The Integration of Women in The Political and Economic Framework

    ·         Environment : Debriefing of The Cop 22 Conference in Marrakech, November 2016

    ·         Small Islands Developing States

    ·         The Migration Phenomena Towards Europe

    ·         Opening Emerging Societies to The Young Generations

    ·         Energy Production and Supply

    ·         Improving Public Health Around The World

    ·         Political and Institutional Communications in Africa 




    13 March 2017: Visit of the Moroccan Ambassador H.E. Lotfi Boushara



    On March 13th the Moroccan Ambassador H.E. Lotfi Boushara paid a visit to AACC to talk about further cooperation with Secretary General Eng. Mouddar Khouja. They focused especially on the possibility to host Morocco as a special guest, among other countries, within the next 9. Arab-Austrian Economic Forum to be held in October 2017.

    Furthermore they discussed the meetings the Secretary General would have with potential partners during his visit in Morocco the same week.


    30 January 2017: Networking 2




    AACC invited the company Fonius Ind. and Industrius d.o.o. for a meeting with a Iraqi businessmen and discuseed mutual cooperation and presentation of project in the Arab region. The parties agreed to strengthen their relationshsip in order to build afriutful cooperation to enlarge market activities in the Arab region.




    27 January 2017: Networking 1





    AACC hosted a meeting with the companies ILF and SCAN, discussing potential future market entry in the oil and gas industry in Libyia. Libyan representative, Chairman of Board of the Libyan bank Senwan for Engin. & Real Estate Consultancy , presented the current situation in Libyia, outlining the financial challenges of the country and the need of modernatisation for some plants of the oil and gas sector. The participants agreed on coordination further meetings with Libyan experts in order to set up further steps for a cooperation.



    15 December 2016: Visit of Indonisian PhD Students




    Mr. Khouja received PhD students from Indonesia, that participate in an exchange project of the University of Vienna. The meeting served as an platform to inform the students of the situation in Austria and fostering academic relations of Austria. Prof. Dr. Lohlker initiated the exchange with the Indonesian university with projects of studies of Islam.



    01 December 2016: Signing of MoU with Iraqi- Turkish Chamber of Commerce and Industry




    Mr. Firas Al-HAMADANI, Chairman of the Iraqi-Turkish Chamber of Commerce, headed a delegation to Austria and paid a visit to the Austro-Arab Chamber of Commerce (AACC). During this visit a Memorandum of Understanding in order to strengthen the collaboration and to provide the framework for future cooperation of the two institutions was signed. The Iraqi-Turkish Chamber of Commerce and the AACC decided to work together on mutual interesting projects. Throughout this meeting honorable memberships to the president of the AACC Mr. Richard SCHENZ and the Arab-President of the AACC Mr. Nabil KUZBAI were presented to them.




    29 November 2016: Participation at the 5th Arab-Hellenic Forum




    SG Khouja actively participated in the 5th Arab-Hellenic Forum in Athens on 29 and 30 November 2016 with the titel: "Unelashing the Arab-Hellenic Potential". The Secretary General, of the Arab-Hellenic Chamber, Mr. Rashad Mabger, along with the Chairman of the Board, Mr. Harris Geronikolas, warmly welcomed the attendees and guests. H.E. the Ambassador of Libya, Mr. Ahmed Yagob Gzlall, delivered a speech on behalf of the Council of Arab Ambassadors, elaborating on the existing friendly relations between Greece and the Arab world, followed by H.E. Mr. Al Kabariti who, in his turn, commented on the role of the Arab-foreign joint chambers in enhancing Arab relations with their hosting countries and praised the instrumental role of the Arab-Hellenic Chamber for its work on the Arab-Greek relations. His speech in the 2nd panel on the topics of construction, building materials and energy, focused on the development of oil price, explained the oil supply of OPEC and non-OPEC states and the significance of shale oil porduction. As an outlook to future developments he presented the topic of renewable energies and their raising importance.





    25 November 2016: 8th Arab-Austrian Economic Forum on Oil and Gas


    During the Forum there was an exhibition as well giving various Arab embassies and companies the chance to present themselves, their countries and products.

    The Forum & Exhibition were attended by a numerous international audience of some 800 visitors and guests, among them Their Excellences the Arab ambassadors, representatives of the international diplomatic corps, chairmen, members of the Austro-Arab Chamber of Commerce, companies, businessmen and the interested public.


    This exhibition was aiming to provide an excellent opportunity to meet with the Austro-Arab business community and to discuss the possibility of establishing partnerships and personal network between participating companies and institutions, visitors and potential future business partners in the Austro-Arab context. Among the exhibitors were:

    1.            Österreichische Staatsdruckerei GmbH

    2.            Brodosplit

    3.            WKO

    4.            Wirtschaftsagentur Wien

    5.            Industrius

    6.            PORR AG

    7.            ILF Consulting

    8.            HOT Engineering

    9.            OMV AG

    10.           TU – Wien and others


    forum aussteller1



    The 8th Arab-Austrian Economic Exhibition also presented a unique insight into Arab countries, including aspects of civilization and culture as reflected in the exhibits of the Arab embassies, as well as the delicious taste of finger food and culinary delights the Arab hospitality is famous for. 

    The first session was dealing with oil price fluctuation, challenges & opportunities, in particular with

    •           Impact of oil Prices on the oil Industry
    •           Economic challenges
    •           Measures to raise performance & profitability
    •           Forecast for the future

    It was chaired by H.E. Dr. Werner Fasslabend, the former Austrian Minister of Defence.

    Speakers of this session were:


    •           H.E. Mr. Mustafa A.SANALLA, Chairman of the Board, National Oil Corporation, Libya
    •           H.E. Dr. Fallah ALAMERI, Director General / Iraqi State Oil Marketing Organization
    •           Mr. Andreas SCHWINGSHACKL; Senior Vice- President OMV
    •           Mr. Eng. Damir ZIBRAT, Scan d.o.o, Croatia
    •           Mr. Johannes BENIGNI; Managing Director of JBC Energy GmbH
    •           Prof. Dr. Herbert HOFSTÄTTER; Montan University Leoben


    It was followed by a session about energy & electricity production & consumption

    •        Actual challenges of the sector
    •        Optimization of Energy Consumption
    •        Innovative methods and new technologies

    H.E. Herbert Scheibner, former Minister of Defence, took the chair and the following were the high-level speakers:

    •         Ms. Reem BADRAN; Former Chairwoman of the Energy Committee Jordan Parliament
    •         Dr. Eng. Michael KOUBA; Director General EIC Energy Investment Council
    •         Dr. Albana ILO; TU Vienna - New Technology
    •         Mr. Vladimir MITROVIC; Industrius ltd.
    •         Dr. Desislava SPASSOVA; University of National and World Economy Sofia


    forum publikum


    In order to round up the day there was a third session under the title Renewable and alternative energies

    •          Innovations in renewable energies
    •          Arab initiatives in alternative energies
    •          Potential implementation in Arab countries
    •          Mutual cooperation possibilities

    Chaired by H.E. Dr. Khalid K. Al Hajri, Chairman and CEO of Qatar Solar Technologies, the speakers were

    •         Mr. Senator Stefan SCHENNACH, Head of Delegation / Union for the Mediterranean 
    •         H.E. Senator Issa Haidar Murad, President of Amman Chamber of Commerce
    •         Mr. Eng. Merkus AUINGER, Porr AG.
    •         Mr. Tomislav CORAK; Brodosplit, Croatia
    •         Mr. Eng. Friedrich KAPUSTA; Energy Institute for Businesses 
    •         Mr. Eng. Wolfgang KUMMER; IWK-Solutions GmbH      

    forum publikum2




    24 November 2016: 25th GA & 26th BoD Meeting of the AACC


    gruppenbild1 klein



    On 24 November 2016, the Austro-Arab Chamber of Commerce invited Their Excellencies the Arab Ambassadors and Arab Diplomatic Corps, together with the AACC's board of directors and members to attend the chamber's 25th General Assembly, together with the 26th Meeting of the Board of Directors at the prestigious City Hall in Vienna.

    The President of the AACC Dr. Richard SCHENZ opened the meeting by welcoming all participants and sharing an expert's view over the current economic situation and developments in Europe, the Arab countries and in the global context. The agenda of the meting was presented and the quota for the following election fulfilled. The Arab region is the source of more than 30% of the oil and gas reserves worldwide. The decrease of oil price has a major impact on the economies not only for the oil exporting countries but for the whole chain of the Oil Industry all over the world. Some oil producing countries reconsidered the priorities of some public sector programs and projects the fact, which effected the bilateral trade between Austria and the Arab Countries. The year 2014 showed extraordinary mutual Austro-Arab trade volume figures of 5,06 Billion Euros. 2015 showed a decrease of ca. 4,3% amounting to 4,85 Billion.


    The first 8 Month of this year 2016 shows a decrease of 19,6%.The Secretary General Eng. KHOUJA informed the board and members about the position, activities and membership issues of the AACC as of December 2015 until November 2016. In the statement of the auditors, Mr. Albert KRONBERGER and Member of the Viennese Parliament Dipl.-Ing. Omar AL-RAWI certified the bookkeeping performance, whereas Treasurer Mr. Wolfgang KABUREK presented the financial report for 2016.
    During the election a new Vice-President Eng. Karl-heinz Strauss, CEO of the Porr AG in Austria, was elected. Mr. Strauss studied in Harvard University, at the Management Business School in St. Gallen and received his MBA from the IMADEC University in Vienna. Until 2000, he held various positions at Raiffeisen Zentralbank – including in the construction and real-estate divisions. He then founded Strauss & Partner Immobilien GmbH, whose best-known projects include the EURO PLAZA office park in Vienna. He took over as Chief Executive Officer of PORR AG in September 2010. Prof. Reinhard Gausterer, steps back from his position as Vice-President, however he will continue his active role and supportive position in the Board of Directors. The AACC sincerely expresses acknolwedgments of the support of Prof Gausterer, presenting an honouring during the Galadinner at the City Hall.

    During the Session, the General Assembly elected some high-profile new members of the Board of Directors: Mr. Andreas LIEBSCH, Head of Exports, Lights of Vienna, Ms. Sabine OHLER, Head of International Business, Vienna Business Agency, Mr. Herbert SCHEIBNER, CEO Scheibner Business Development GmbH. The AACC also welcomes Mr. Andreas RAMHARTER, Executive Vice President, ILF Group Holding GmbH, to the Board of Directors, who takes over the position from Eng. Klaus LÄSSER. In the Arab Board of Directors also new members were elected: Mr. Emad A.K. AL-MUHAIDIB, Vice Chaiman Al Muhaidib Group, Saudi Arabia, Mr. Leon ZAKI, CEO Lezako and Dr. Kamal Hassan Ali, successor of Dr. Mohamed ALTOWAIGRI, Assistant Secretary General for Economic Affairs - League of Arab States.

    In addition to a large number of AACC member companies and representatives from the Arab Diplomatic Corps - including Ambassadors that were present, this year's General Assembly was particularly honoured by the participation of Arab board representatives who were especially coming from abroad to attend this meeting: Mr. Nafez ALAYYAN, Member of the Board of Directors, Jordan Chamber of Commerce, and Mr. Ahmed AL-CHIHABI, Chairman & CEO from Aleppo Pharmaceutical Industries LLC.

    These successful meeting of the General Assembly and the Board of Directors Meeting with the elections of the new members and presentation of the annual report were followed by an exclusive gala-dinner that was organised in the historic and very prestigious festival hall of the Vienna City Hall.




    22 November 2016: GMIS Summit, Vienna




    Mr. Mouddar Khouja held an opening speech for the GMIS (Global Manufacturing and Industrialisation Summit) which was organised by the UNIDO in Vienna. In his address in front of high ranking representatives from international orgaizations and diplomats he elaborated on the linking of the private sector and the process of technological innovations and industrial development. He presented private initatives that focus on this issues. Furthermore, he showed positive changes in the region, mainly in the field of female participation in economy. The feedback for all events was very positive and the organisers were very pleased with the outcome. Representing the Austro-Arab Chamber of Commerce, Mr. Mouddar Khouja, said that rapid technological innovation would help to boost the world economy in both the mid and long-terms. He cited some challenges facing developing countries, noting the salience of the technological revolution for environmental protection, and the role of SDG-9 in that regard.


    Mr. Khouja stated that the economic participation of the private sector would an enabling environment ( and in particular stability).He further noted the role of public-private partnerships, citing the Austrian model of dual educational partnership, which would be important for industrial development. Turning to social inclusion, he stressed that Arab countries were not only cradle of civilization, or oil and gas reserves. He had witnessed a strong and major role for women entrepreneurs in gulf countries in particular, in several fields including-medical care and human resources development. Mr. Khouja concluded that the Chamber of Commerce supported GMIS and permanently support the work of UNIDO.



     24 October 2016: Visit at HE Al-Husseini, Chairman of the Arab Ambassadors' Council in Austria, Ambassador of the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan




    On October 24 H.E. Hussam Al-Husseini, Chairman of the Arab Ambassadors' Council in Austria, Ambassador of the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan received Secretary General Mr. Khouja in order to discuss the upcoming events of the Austro-Arab Chamber of Commerce (AACC). Secretary General Mr. Khouja invited H.E. in his capacity of the Chairman of the Arab Ambassadors' Council in Austria, to the General Assembly with this year's election and the Gala Dinner on 24 November 2016. An invitation was also expressed for the attendance of the 8th Arab-Austro Economic Forum on Oil and Gas "The Future of Fossil Energy: and the rising renewable alternatives" on November 25. H.E. is invited to address the guests during the General Assembly, as well as during the Opening of the Forum. Furthermore, Secretary General Mr. Khouja and H.E. discussed the procedures of receiving the Delegation from Amman during this time.

    Moreover, the relation between the Arab Embassies in Austria and the AACC as on official institution, founded by the Arab League and the General Union of Chambers of Commerce, Industry & Agriculture for Arab Countries (GUCCIAAC).



    24 October 2016: Visit at HE Marafi, Ambassador of the State of Kuwait





    On October 24 H.E. Marafi, Ambassador of the State of Kuwait received Secretary General Mr. Khouja in order to discuss the economic cooperation between Austria and the State of Kuwait. H.E. presented the Kuwait Direct Investment Promotion Authority (KDIPA) and their Publication. Secretary General Mr. Khouja asserted the readiness of the Austro-Arab Chamber of Commerce to welcome H.H. the Director General of the KDIPA in order to strengthen the economic ties between Austria and Kuwait.
    The Secretary General of the AACC invited H.E. to the events in November: the General Assembly, the Gala Dinner and the Forum. Furthermore, the invitation was extended to H.E. the Minister of Oil of Kuwait, State Minister for National Assembly Affairs Dr. Ali Al-Omair, and interested companies.




    14 October 2016: Visit VAE Ambassador





    SG Khouja , together with Senator Walter J. Gerbautz, Secretary General of the Austrian-VAE Society and Ms. Gabriele Stowasser and Mr. Martin Gross, Country Manager of the Emirates Airline paid a visit to H.E. Hamad Alkaabi, newly appointed ambassador of the VAE in Vienna. During the meeting the economic cooperation between Austria and the VAE was discussed.



    12 – 13 October 2016: Visit of Business Delegation from Egypt



    On Wednesday October 12 2016 a business delegation from Egypt visited the Austro-Arab Chamber of Commerce. Exclusive b2b meetings were arranged with representatives of required economic sectors (Vegetables & Fruits Imports, Mobile Labs) with the Egyptian businessmen. Eng. KHOUJA, Secretary General of the AACC, presented facts and figures and provided the businessmen with crucial information on the Austrian economy. The atmosphere was highly productive and new networks tied. The Egyptian Delegation was highly satisfied about the new contacts to Austrian companies.



    On Thursday 13 October 2016 the Egyptian Delegation and Austrian companies were invited by the Austrian Federal Economic Chamber in cooperation with the AACC moderated by Mr. Pierre PRUNIS. Senator Dr. SCHENZ welcomed the participants warmly and presented the facts and figures of mutual business. Mr. KHOUJA described the high position of the Arab Republic of Egypt within the countries of the Arab League and their commitment to support Egypt during the sensitive times of economy. He further emphasized the importance of the economic ties between Austrian and Egypt. The art of conduct of Austrian companies was defined by Mr KHOUJA as honest and direct. Mr. Emad El Din Elwy TAYMOUR, President of the Egyptian – Austrian Business Council, highlighted the long lasting history of Austrian and Egyptian cooperation. The input of Mr. Ibrahim EL MOSLEMANY, from African Arabian Bestfood, on the planned new capital city of Egypt gave a deep insight to the future projects and possibilities of cooperation. Mr. Martin WOLLER, Austrian Commercial Counsellor in Egypt, stated: "It is the right and best time for business with Egypt". Because of the secure situation in Egypt. Mr. Markus HOSKOVEC, OeKB - Oesterreichische Kontrollbank AG, explained the various types of funding mechanisms of the OeKB and its benefits for both sides: companies from Austria, and abroad. Mr. Patrick VIERLINGER, Plasser & Theurer Export, presented an insight in making business in Egypt with its pros and cons. In terms of business it is very important and easy to build up personal ties.
    The highly interesting and informative presentations offered a broad picture of doing business with Egypt and its possibilities. Afterwards personal meetings between the representatives of Austrian and Egyptian companies were planned. The Egyptian delegation contributed in a constructive way to the success of the events.






    4 October 2016: Forum on information for the integration of Arab engineers to the Austrian labor market





    The AACC invited together with the Gesellschaft Österreichisch – Syrischer Ingenieure und Architekten on Ocotber 4 2016 to a Forum, that provided information especially for Arab engineers that are new in Austria and ready to enter he Austrian labour market. The aims of this event were first to introduce Austrian institutions and second to allow for networking with important Austrian companies in the fields of engineering.


    The highly interesting talks by representatives of Austrian institutions, such as the AMS; the Ministry of Science and the TU Wien were important to get information on chances, requirements and recent developments. Mr. Eng. Mouddar Khouja, Secretary General of the AACC, welcomed the Syrian engineers and Mr. Em.O.Univ.-Prof. Dipl.-Ing. Dr.techn. Dr.h.c.mult. Brandl explained the importance of the Austrian Society of Engineers and Architects (ÖIAV) and historical facts of the representative premises.


    Ms. Amira Pfeisinger represented the Ministry of Science informed the audience about the processes of nostrification and authentication of educations. Mr. Harald Karl presented the AMS and its regulations for entering the labour market in Austria. Mr. Koller from the TU Wien explained the system at the university and guidelines for enrolling at lectures. Mrs. Petra Aigner described the work of the Continuing Education Centre of the TU Wien and its possible lectures.

    Former Minister of Defence Mr. Herbert Scheibner presented the initiative EARD (European-Arab Reconstruction and Development). Initiated was this project by KR Nabil Kuzbari, Arab-President of the AACC, and supported by well-known former Austrian politicians as well as Austrian and German companies. The aim of the initiative is to create environmentally friendly housing, made of so called mud-bricks. Besides the benefit of the local material, the low transportation costs are an advantage. Training-sessions for engineers are already taking place in Lebanon, and as soon as the situation in Syria & Iraq is calming down, the project can kick off.



    During the second part of the Forum representatives of Austrian companies presented themselves in order to allow for personal networking afterwards. Some companies wish to hire foreign personal in order to reach up to 1% with a migration background. The companies stressed the importance to integrate people from Syria to their structures, as they take up an important part in the companies.

    Around 80 persons participated in this event. Participants uttered there interest for a repetition of this event on a regular basis. A young Syrian engineer stated: "This event provided us with a new perspective on our integration in the Austrian society, and the our participation in the Austrian economy."





    30 September 2016: Birthday Celebrations




    On September 30th President Dr. Richard Schenz and General Secretary Eng. Moudda Khouja organized a dinner for KR Nabil Kuzbari, the Arabic President of the AACC, due to his birthday.


    Among the high-ranking guests was former President Dr. Heinz Fischer who came straight from an official visit abroad in order not to miss the occasion.


    Besides the chair members of AACC, Mr. Henry Hafez and Dr. Reinhard Gausterer, former Ministers Dr. Werner Fasslabend and Mag. Herbert Scheibner, as well as Mr. Kuzbari´s sons, Prof. Dr. Rafic Kuzbari, Mag. Oussama Kuzbari and Mag. Louai Kuzbari attended the dinner on this special day as well.




    26 – 28 September 2016: SG Khouja meets with H.E. Dr. Dr. Abdul Rahman Abdullah Al Zamil


    SG Khouja meets with H.E. Dr. Dr. Abdul Rahman Abdullah Al Zamil


    During his visit to Oman to attend the forum "Invest in Oman" organized by the General Union of Chambers of Commerce, Industry and Agriculture for Arab Countries and the Oman Chamber of Commerce and Industry which took place in Muscat from September 26th – 28th, 2016 the Secretary General of the Austro-Arab Chamber of Commerce Eng. Mouddar Khouja met with His Excellency Dr. Abdul Rahman Abdullah Al Zamil, former President of the Council of Saudis Chambers and Chairman of Al Zamil Group. They discussed the possibilities of deepening the business relations between Austria and Saudi Arabia. Secretary General Khouja took the opportunity and invited H.E. Dr. Al Zamil to participate in the 8th Arab-Austrian Economic Forum on Oil and Gas which will take place in Vienna November on 25th, 2016.

    A Moroccan Delegation, led by the Governor of South Morocco, visited the Austro-Arab Chamber in order to discuss future collaboration and to get information on Austria. Secretary General Mr. Mouddar Khouja gave a short presentation on the history, economy and the bilateral relations between Morocco and Austria, pointing out facts and figures. The meeting was highly productive and the atmosphere welcoming.





    20 September 2016: Luxury Reception at Domisol




    On Tuesday 20 September 2016 the AACC in cooperation with its member Domisol GmbH invited to a luxury reception at the stylish premises of the shop. The company Domisol stands for high-quality products in the fields of accessories, cosmetics and bags. high-class contact with customers. Its multilingual staff offers best services to customers.
    On this special occasion new brands such as Maurice Lacroix, Mont Blanc, La Prairie and APM Monaco were presented to an exclusive audience from the Arab Diplomatic corps. The atmosphere was relaxed and the guests highly interested in the luxury products. A non-alcoholic sparkling wine from N.A.B. Fellinger AG and Oriental food was served.





    1 September 2016: Visit of H.E. Mr. Faisal Bin Muammar, Secretary General of KAICCID





    Newly appointed Secretary General of KAICCID Centre in Vienna, Mr. MUAMMAR paid a visit to Secretary General Mr. KHOUJA on September 1. H.E. was presented an exclusive Hijri clock, that is an exact replica of the Royal Clock Tower in Mecca, Saudi Arabia. The Hotel Tower is topped by the largest clock in the world. Dials are mounted on all four sides and each has a diameter of 43 meters. They are illuminated by two million LED lights. The Golden Model was completed in collaboration with the architect Dr. Rasch. The creator of the original clock in Mecca, Mauthe, succeeded to capture the fascination that represents this landmark in the Arab World. The talks were fruitful and will build a base for future cooperation.





    New Members 

    The AACC is honoured to welcome and introduce NEW MEMBERS in 2017:





    Alpine Engineering

    Alpine Engineering specializes in consultancy, planning and implementation of projects for the pharmaceutical and foodstuffs industries.

    The focus is on supplying these sectors with complete plants and equipment such as CIP systems, pumps, valves, pipes and fittings, heat exchangers etc.
    In the course of the 25 years of the firm’s operations, international projects have been successfully implemented in Qatar, Iraq, Czechia and China.


    The firm has branch Dubai (UAE).


    Alpine Engineering

    Museumstraße 5 / Top 22

    1070 Vienna, Austria


    Mobil.: +43664/5584444

    Fax.: +43664775584444

    Email.: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

    Website: www.alpine.co.at










    IBC Solar
    IBC solar is a Germany based photovoltaics specialist, offering solutions for sunlight-generated power. The company, established in 1982, offers tailored solutions, project management, consultation and planning of the photovoltaic installation.
    Founder and CEO of the company, Udo Möhrstedt, was named Entrepreneur of the Year 2009 in the trade category by Ernst & Young.

    IBC Solar has eleven subsidiaries in France, Italy, Greece, Malaysia, the Netherlands, Spain, the Czech Republic, Turkey, Great Britain, China and Austria. In 2009, the company generated a consolidated global turnover of 857 million Euro and by the end of 2009, IBC Solar had implemented more than 100,000 ready-to-use photovoltaic systems all over the world.[2]

    Their distribution network for solar products covers over 46 distributors and wholesalers, across over 15 different countries.


    IBC SOLAR Austria GmbH

    Thomas A. Edison Str. 2

    7000 Eisenstadt

    Tel: +43 2682 704 8230

    Mobile: +43 664 333 76 34

    Fax: +43 2682 704 8231

    E-Mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
    Web: http://www.ibc-solar.at










    EUR ING Wolfgang Kummer

    Judenburger Straße 50

    8753 Fohnsdorf

    Mobitel; +43 660 56 52 537












    Announcement by AACC Member Popp & Kretschmer



    Fashion design and our service to our clients have this in common: always keeping up with the times. And from time to time, we are even one step ahead. Our philosophy of offering our fashionistas the latest design creations accompanied with an exquisite selection of coordinated accessories such as shoes, bags, belts and much more has confirmed us as one of the first addresses for fashion trends, both as a physical location in Vienna and on the web.




    For the approaching warm season we have prepared those designer pieces for you that will emphasize the confident individuality of your style and accentuate your assets: Emilio Pucci, Balmain, Agnona, Roberto Cavalli, Ralph Lauren, Jitrois, Moschino, Blumarine, Oscar de la Renta, Armani Collezioni, Talbot Runhof and Salvatore Ferragamo are just a few of the designers creating the trends we will present to you this year!











     Announcement by AACC Member Imperial Hotel:


    Stefan Speiser vom Hotel Imperial ist Aufsteiger des Jahres 2017 Der Guide Gault&Millau kürt den Head Chef des Restaurant OPUS mit der begehrten Auszeichnung Wien, 29. September 2016 – Stefan Speiser, Head Chef des Restaurant OPUS und Sous Chef des Hotel Imperial, zählt mit der besonderen Prämierung durch den Feinschmecker-Führer nun offiziell zur Gourmet-Elite Österreichs. Seit Eröffnung des Restaurant OPUS vor drei Jahren trägt der 35-Jährige die kulinarische Verantwortung für die Genussoase im Hotel Imperial und erkochte dafür 17 Punkte und drei Hauben von Gault&Millau sowie einen Michelin Stern.

    Der Niederösterreicher Stefan Speiser freut sich: „Ich bin überrascht und kann mein Glück noch fast nicht fassen. Mein Dank gilt meinem Spitzenteam und vor allem Chef de Cuisine Rupert Schnait, der mir von meinem ersten Tag an mit dem Restaurant OPUS eine eigene Gourmet- Spielwiese im Hotel Imperial anvertraut hat."

    Die kulinarische Handschrift Speisers steht für exquisit leichte Gerichte der österreichischen Küche, inspiriert von globalen Trends, verspielt angerichtet und modern interpretiert serviert. Mit Augenmerk auf regionale, nachhaltige Produkte von höchster Qualität und dank außerordentlicher Kreativität wird jede Speise zum Erlebnis – sei dies ein österreichisches Dry Aged Beef, ein Neusiedler-Zander oder eine südburgenländische Taube.


    Seit seiner Kindheit wollte Stefan Speiser Koch werden und entschied sich im Alter von 16 Jahren für seinen Traumberuf, den er mit höchster Kreativität und Leidenschaft ausübt. Die Ideenwerkstätte für das außergewöhnliche Koch-Talent, ein Spezialist in Sachen österreichischen
    Gemüses, ist die tägliche Zugfahrt, denn die vorbeiziehende Landschaft der weiten Felder Niederösterreichs ist seine Inspiration für neue Küchenkreationen. Seine beruflichen Stationen vor seiner Tätigkeit im legendären Hotel Imperial umfassen u.a. das Fünfstern-Superior Hotel Kulm in St. Moritz, das Fünfsterne Hotel Central in Sölden, das Meinl am Wiener Graben und das Landhaus Bacher von Lisl Wagner-Bacher in Mautern.
    Generaldirektor Mario Habicher gratuliert: „Ich bin sehr stolz auf Stefan Speiser und danke für seinen vorbildlichen Einsatz für täglich herausragende Gästeerlebnisse. Gleichzeitig freue ich mich gemeinsam mit Chef de Cuisine Rupert Schnait, Maître d'hôtel Manfred Legl und dem gesamten Kulinarik-Team über die dritte Haube, die dank großartiger Teamarbeit und der Motivation, kulinarisch neue Wege zu gehen, erzielt werden konnte."


    Öffnungszeiten des Restaurant OPUS: Dienstag - Sonntag, von 18:00 – 24:00 Uhr
    www.restaurant-opus.at; Tel: +43 1 50 110-389; E-Mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


    Restaurant OPUS (Ein Michelin Stern, 17 Punkte und drei Hauben von Gault&Millau)
    Das im Dezember 2013 eröffnete Restaurant OPUS vereint künstlerische Feinarbeit und kulinarischen Genuss in imperialer Harmonie. Josef Hoffmanns denkmalgeschützter Architekturstil der 30iger Jahre trifft im OPUS auf Zeitgeist. Maßgefertigte Möbel aus italienischen Manufakuren ergänzen die kunstvollen Holzvertäfelungen und die marmornen Wandelemente, während feine Stoffe für wohltuende Farbakzente sorgen. Das 45 Sitzplätze umfassende Restaurant OPUS gilt als das „kulinarische Meisterstück” des Hauses. Head Chef Stefan Speiser ist verantwortlich für die Küche des Restaurants. Offeriert werden exquisit leichte Gerichte der österreichischen Küche, inspiriert von globalen Trends, verspielt  angerichtet, modern interpretiert serviert und wahlweise begleitet von edlen Weinen. Mit Augenmerk auf regionale, nachhaltige Produkte von höchster Qualität und dank außerordentlicher Kreativität wird jede Speise zum Erlebnis – sei dies ein österreichisches Dry Aged Beef, ein Neusiedler-Zander oder eine südburgenländische Taube. Seinen Name erhielt das OPUS (lat. „Werk“, insbesondere das eines Komponisten) nachdem das Hotel Imperial seit mehr als 140 Jahren ein Ort der Begegnung von Kunstschaffenden, vor allem aus dem nahe gelegenen Musikverein, ist. Weitere Informationen finden Sie unter www.restaurant-opus.at.


    Ausführliche Pressemeldung & Menü




     Announcement by AACC Member :

    Pressemitteilung AACC-Newsletter




    Austria ‚goes' MENA - Weiterer Erfolg durch kritisches und innovatives Denken !



    Wieder einmal wird die Relevanz der Wettbewerbsfähigkeit von Unternehmen auf teils weiterhin wachsenden oder heiß umkämpften, internationalen Märkten (wie z.B. im arabischen Raum, kurz MENA) durch Begriffe wie ‚Digitalisierung, IoT, M2M, oder i4.0' stark unterstrichen.



    Egal ob KMU oder Großunternehmen, ob Marken- oder Nischenführer; alle müssen sich immer wieder die Frage stellen: Wie kann ich mich noch effizienter oder differenzierter gegenüber Kunden bzw. Mitbewerbern darstellen? Gehört das, was ich mache, noch zu den Kernkompetenzen meines Unternehmens oder ist es vorteilhafter, sogenannte "Value Added Partner" (eines/r Produktes / Dienstleistung) mit signifikanten Mehrwert, miteinzubinden? Ab wann ist es beispielsweise sinnvoll in der Logistik, im Marketing, oder in der IT (z.B. Softwareentwicklung) Unterstützung durch externe Technologie-Expertise dazuzuholen, um das eigene „Time-to-Market" zu beschleunigen? Welche Möglichkeiten eröffnen sich durch die Nutzung von „intelligenten verlängerten Werkbänken"?



    Um eine Antwort auf individuelle Fragen zu finden, kann Ihnen X-Plus-Management als langjähriges AACC-Mitglied beratend zur Seite stehen. Die kleine, persönlich geführte und international tätige Unternehmensberatung mit Hauptsitz in Salzburg ist seit 2005 auf Consulting an KMU bzw. seit 2007 auch durch das für Grossunternehmen kostenfreie Scouting (sog. X-plus Advisory) mit erstklassigen und international führenden business solutions wie z.B. für oder in IT, Logistik, Marketing, HRM, entlang der unternehmerischen ‚value chain' spezialisiert.



    Auch bei internationalen Anliegen stellt sich X-plus als mehrfach bewiesener Ansprechpartner und Netzwerkknoten dar. X-Plus ist in der Region D/A/CH + Italien, aber auch in CEE (Osteuropa) sowie MENA (Mittlerer Osten mit Nordafrika) tätig und hat wertvollen Erfahrungsschatz und hohes Verständnis für Normen und Werte dieser Kulturen, gerade in politisch schwierigen Zeiten.



    Für Ihre Fragen steht Ihnen Geschäftsführer Stephan Ohms telefonisch unter +43 (0)662-881800, per Email unter This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it gerne zur Verfügung.




    Announcement by AACC Member Domisol:




    Uhren und Schmuck Event bei DOmisol
    Freitag, den 28. April. 2017
    17:00 Uhr
    Johannesgasse 22
    1010, Wien


    Arabisches und Japanisches Buffet


    Mont Blanc
    Tag Heuer
    Maurice Lacroix
    Baume und Mercier
    APM Monaco
    Calvin Klein




    April-Events im Kreisky-Forum


    Arab Changes in a Changing World

    curated by Gudrun Harrer

    Tuesday, April 4, 2017, 7 pm




    Genial Dagegen

    curated by Robert Misik

    Thursday, April 6, 2017, 7 pm



    Arab Changes in a Changing World
    curated by Gudrun Harrer
    Monday, April 24, 2017, 7 pm




    Arabic - بالعربية.

     15ديسمبر 2016: زيارة طلاب الدكتوراه الاندونيسيين




    استقبل الأمين العام السيد الخوجة طلبة الدكتوراه من اندونيسيا المشاركين في برنامج التبادل مع جامعة فيينا. وهدف الاجتماع لاطلاع الطلاب على الوضع في النمسا وتعزيز العلاقات الأكاديمية مع النمسا  وقد بادر الأستاذ الدكتور لولكير بالتبادل مع الجامعة الاندونيسية بمشاريع دراسات الإسلام.



    1ديسمبر 2016: التوقيع على مذكرة تفاهم مع غرفة التجارة العراقية - التركية





    ترأس السيد فراس الحمداني، رئيس غرفة التجارة العراقية التركية وفدا إلى النمسا وقام بزيارة غرفة التجارة العربية – النمساوية تم خلالها التوقيع على مذكرة تفاهم من أجل تعزيز التعاون وتوفير إطار للتبادل والتعاون في المستقبل بين المؤسستين.

    وقد قررت غرفة التجارة العربية – النمساوية وغرفة التجارة العراقية التركية العمل معا في مشاريع مشتركة تهم الطرفين . وقد منحت غرفة التجارة العراقية التركية عضوية شرف لرئيس غرفة التجارة العربية النمساوية السيد الدكتور ريتشارد شينتس والرئيس العربي السيد نبيل كزبري والأمين العام للغرفة.




    29 نوفمبر 2016: المشاركة في المنتدى العربي اليوناني الخامس



    شارك الأمين العام لغرفة التجارة العربية النمساوية المهندس مضر الخوجة في المنتدى العربي اليوناني  الخامس في أثينا  الذي عقد يومي 29 و 30 نوفمبر 2016 بعنوان  :  (إطلاق الإمكانات العربية اليونانية".) . وقد رحب الأمين العام  للغرفة العربية - اليونانية السيد رشاد مبجر و رئي الغرفة السيد هاريس غيرونيكولاس  ترحيبا حارا بالحضور والضيوف. و ألقى سعادة  سفير ليبيا السيد أحمد يعقوب غزلال كلمة نيابة عن مجلس السفراء العرب مؤكدا على العلاقات الودية القائمة بين اليونان والعالم العربي ثم  ألقى سعادة العين السيد نائل الكباريتي كلمة أكد فيها بدوره على دور الغرف العربية الأجنبية المشتركة في تعزيز العلاقات العربية مع الدول المضيفة، وأثنى على الدور الفعال للغرفة العربية اليونانية في العمل على تعميق العلاقات العربية-اليونانية.

    وركز المهندس الخوجة في كلمته خلال لجلسة الثانية حول البناء ومواد البناء والطاقة، على تطورات أسعار النفط، وأوضح امدادات النفط من دول الأوبك والدول غير الاعضاء في اوبك وأهمية انتاج النفط من الصخر الزيتي.و  كنظرة على التطورات المستقبلية قدم عرضا عن موضوع الطاقات المتجددة وأهميتها المتزايدة .





    25 نوفمبر 2016.الغرفة تنظم المنتدى الاقتصادي العربي النمساوي الثامن


    انطلقت في العاصمة النمساوية فيينا فعاليات الدورة الثامنة للمنتدى الاقتصادي العربي النمساوي والمعرض المصاحب له، والذي نظمته غرفة التجارة العربية النمساوية يوم 25 نوفمبر 2016. وتمحور المنتدى هذا العام حول "مستقبل الطاقة النفطية وصعود البدائل من الطاقات المتجددة".

     فمبشاركة نحو 800 من كبار الشخصيات العربية والنمساوية في مجال الاقتصاد والسياسة والأعمال، وبحضور أعضاء السلك الدبلوماسي العربي والأجنبي لدى النمسا، ناقش الحضور أزمة الطاقة التي يمر بها العالم حاليا ودور الصناعات النفطية في ظل تراجع أسعار الخام، ومستقبل استخدام وسائل الطاقة المتجددة كبديل.


    forum publikum


    شارك في الجلسات كل من السادة:  معالي وزير الصناعة محمد يوسف علي يوسف من السودان، الرئيس العربي لغرفة التجارة العربية النمساوية المستشار نبيل الكزبري، نائبا رئيس الغرفة؛ السيد هنري حافظ والسيد راينهارد غاروسترر، وكل من وزيري الدفاع النمساويين السابقين الدكتور فيرنر فاسل آبند والسيد هربرت شايبنر، وسعادة السفير حسام الحسيني، رئيس مجلس السفراء العرب، وسفير المملكة الأردنية الهاشمية، وسعادة السفير وائل الأسد، ممثلا عن معالي الدكتور محمد التويجري الأمين العام المساعد لجامعة الدول العربية للشؤون الاقتصادية، وأصحاب السعادة سفراء الدول العربية، والسادة نائب رئيس اتحاد غرف الإمارات العربية المتحدة، ورئيس غرفة عمان السيد عيسى مراد، وممثل غرفة تجارة وصناعة قطر، ومعالي الدكتور خالد الهاجري، رئيس مجلس إدارة قطر لتقنيات الطاقة الشمسية، والمدراء العامين لشركات نفط من ليبيا والعراق، إضافة إلى السادة أعضاء مجلس إدارة الغرف التجارية العربية والمشتركة وممثلين عن المنظمات الدولية مثل صندوق الأوبك للتنمية الدولية، منظمة أوبك، ومنظمة التنمية الصناعية يونيدو.


    forum publikum2 


    وناقشت الجلسة الافتتاحية موضوع الساعة وهو أزمة النفط، ومستقبل النفط الصخري والدور المتنامي للطاقة المتجددة كبديل في ظل تذبذب أسعار النفط، بصورة أثرت على اقتصادات الدول المصدرة للنفط.وخططها التنموية ومشاريعها الاستراتيجية، وهو ما ألقى بظلال أيضا على التجارة الدولية.

    وفي هذا الشأن، أشار الأمين العام لغرفة التجارة العربية النمساوية المهندس مضر الخوجه إلى أن الدول العربية لا تملك نسبة 30٪ من احتياطيات النفط والغاز على مستوى العالم وحسب؛ بل إنها تملك أيضا موارد كبيرة من الطاقة الشمسية وطاقة الرياح كمصادر  الشمس للطاقة المتجددة.

    وبدوره قدم دكتور خالد الهاجري، الرئيس التنفيذي لشركة قطر لتقنيات الطاقة الشمسية،  لمحة عامة حول الاستثمار في قطاع النفط والغاز بالمقارنة مع الاستثمارات في قطاع الطاقة المتجددة. وذكر حقائق وأرقام عن حجم منشآت الطاقة الشمسية وطاقة الرياح الجديدة في عام 2015 وتنامي دورها وأهميتها.


    وناقشت الجلسة الأولى من المنتدى تقلبات أسعار النفط.. التحديات والفرص. وتناول المشاركون بالنقاش تأثير أسعار النفط الصناعات النفطية وتدابير  رفع أداء وتوقعات هذا القطاع الحيوي والأبعاد المستقبلية لقطاع النفط من المنظور الحالي للسوق. وتم تبادل النقاش حول سوق النفط العالمية وإنتاج النفط في العراق.، والعوامل المختلفة التي تؤثر على أسعار النفط الخام، وكذلك التوقعات حول مستقبل النفط.


    وترأس الجلسة الدكتور فيرنر فاسل آبند، وزير الدفاع النمساوي السابق، وشارك فيها كل من:


    forum aussteller1



     السيد مصطفى صنع الله، رئيس مجلس إدارة المؤسسة الوطنية للنفط بليبيا، والسيد الدكتور فلاح العامري، مدير عام المنظمة العراقية العامة لتسويق النفط، والسيد أندرياس شفينغشاكل، نائب رئيس شركة النفط الوطنية النمساوية، والسيد المهندس دمير زيبرت (كرواتيا)، والسيد يوهانس بينيني. العضو المنتدب لشركةJBC  للطاقة، والسيد الدكتور هربرت هوفشتيتر من مونتان بمدينة ليوبن النمساوية.



    ودارت نقاشات الجلسة الثانية حول إنتاج واستهلاك الطاقة والكهرباء. وترأس الجلسة السيد هربرت شايبنر وزير الدفاع النمساوي السابق، وشارك فيها كل من:

    السيدة ريم بدران، النائبة السابقة لرئيس لجنة الطاقة بالبرلمان الأردني، والدكتور المهندس مايكل كوبا، المدير العام لشركة EIC للاستثمار في مجال الطاقة، والدكتور البانا إيلو من جامعة فيينا للتكنولوجيا، والسيد فلاديمير ميتروفيتش.  من شركة الصناعات المحدودة، والدكتور ديسيسلافا سباسوفا من جامعة الاقتصاد المحلي والعالمي في صوفيا.


    وتحت عنوان الطاقة المتجددة والبديلة، دارت الجلسة الثالثة، والتي ناقشت الابتكارات في مجال الطاقة المتجددة، والمبادرات العربية في قطاع الطاقة البديلة والمتجددة، وإمكانيات تطبيق مشاريع هذا النوع من الطاقة في الدول العربية وما يواكب ذلك من تعاونات ثنائية بين الدول.


    وترأس هذه الجلسة الدكتور خالد الهاجري، وشارك فيها كل من السادة:

    شتيفان شيناخ، عضو مجلس الشيوخ النمساوي ورئيس وفد الاتحاد من أجل المتوسط، والعين عيسى حيدر مراد، رئيس غرفة تجارة عمان، والمهندس ميركوس أوينغر من شركة بور النمساوية، وتوميسلاف كوراك (كرواتيا)، والمهندس فريدريش كابوستا، من معهد الطاقة للأعمال، والمهندس فولفغانغ كومر من شركةIWK .





     وشكل المعرض المصاحب للمنتدى فرصة ممتازة للالتقاء بين مجتمع الأعمال النمساوي والعربي، وبحث إمكانية إقامة الشراكات وعلاقات شخصية بين الشركات والمؤسسات المشاركة وشركاء الأعمال المحتملين.gv gruppenbild


    26 – 28 سبتمبر 2016   -  مسقط/عمان





                                                     الأمين العام للغرفة المهندس مضر الخوجة يلتقي سعادة الدكتور عبد الرحمن عبدالله الزامل


    أثناء تواجده في عمان لحضور  منتدى «استثمر في عُمان» والذي أقيم في مسقط من 26 – 28 سبتمبر 2016 بتنظيم مشترك من غرفة تجارة وصناعة عمان والاتحاد العام لغرف التجارة والصناعة والزراعة للبلاد العربية التقى الأمين العام لغرفة التجارة العربية النمسـاوية المهندس مضر الخوجة بسعادة الدكتور عبد الرحمن عبدالله الزامل، الرئيس السـابق لمجلس الغرف السـعودية ورئيس مجموعة شركات الزامل .  دار الحديث حول إمكانيات تعزيز العلاقات التجارية بين النمسا والمملكة العربية السعودية.

    كما انتهز المهندس الخوجة هذه المناسبة لدعوة سعادة الدكتور الزامل لحضور  المنتدى الاقتصادي العربي النمساوي الثامن والمعرض المصاحب له حول مسـتقبل الطاقة النفطية وصعود البدائل من الطاقات المتجددة  والذي سيقام  في فيينا يوم 25 نوفمبر 2016 .





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